Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Knitting Needle Rollup Case Tutorial


This case is a fantastic way to store your knitting needles and crochet hooks and easy to make!

This rollup case is fairly simple to make since the fabric used is quilted on both sides when purchased.

Materials Needed:  3/4 Yard of Double Sided Quilted
3 Yard Package of Wide Single Fold Bias Tape
                                2 Yards of Matching Ribbon

 Make sure the Quilted Fabric you purchase is printed on both sides of the fabric... or you can quilt your own fabrics like I did for the Kindle Cover in this previous post.

 Cut 3 rectangles 21" High x 13" Wide, 11" High x 13" Wide and 6" High x 13" Wide.

On the large rectangle, cut out the corners 1 1/2" x 3" as shown in the drawing.

3 pieces cut out.

I chose to flip the middle section to the opposite (Black) side just for contrast.  You can keep them all Pink if you want the inside all the same color.

Cut 2 pieces of bias tape 13" to apply to the top edges of the 2 smaller rectangles.

Open the bias tape and pin so the edge of the tape is along the edge of the edge of the fabric. Do not have the fabrics on top of each other like in the picture above.  Pin and sew them individually.


Sew along the folded line in the bias tape.

Press the bias tape to the back.

Stitch right along the bottom edge of the bias tape making sure your are catching the tape that is folded to the back.  Pin first, if necessary.  I don't like to pin if I don't have to.  Those little buggers are always getting in my way and I usually end up sewing over them and breaking a needle or two.

Stack the fabrics on top of each other the way they will finish and follow the same procedure adding the bias tape along the bottom.  Here you will be wrapping 3 layers of fabric so work carefully and take your time.  Definitely pin this step to keep it all straight and together.

When sewing around the top of the case where you cut the corners off, round the edges instead of trying to do sharp turns.

Finish at the bottom of the case by turning under 1/4" on the ends.

Press the bias around to the back of the fabric and stitch all the way around like you did at the top of the sections.  Stitch close to the edge of the bias tape making sure you are catchin the tape on the other side again.  Take you time and PIN, if necessary.

Fold the top edge down 3" and top stitch along the edge to make a permanent fold.

With case laying flat open, draw lines with a pencil or disappearing ink pen 1" apart or any width that will work for your needles.  I did all quilting lines 1".

Stitch on the pencil lines from the bottom to the top of the second pocketI stitched all the way to the top in the sample photo above but it is only necessary to stitch the pockets.

Cut 2 pieces of ribbon 30" long each.  Find the center of the ribbon and stitch it to the edge of the case about 4 - 5' in from the ends.

After putting your needles in the case, roll it up and tie the ribbons.

 How do you keep all your needles and hooks together and easy to find?

Comments welcome and appreciated!

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 ~ Darlene

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  1. Fantastic! Myknitting needles needed a cute little home and this perfect! Thanks for the easy walkthrough too, very nice.