Thursday, December 13, 2012

Holiday Soap Dispenser

 I first bought a generic Hand Soap and some vinyl Holiday words.
I chose MERRY, peacebelieve and Christmas.

 Peel off the labels on the front and back.
Clean any residue off so the surface is smoothe.

Run a credit card or scraper over the vinyl letters before starting so the letters adhere nicely to the paper.

Peel the backing paper off and place the words centered on the soap dispenser.

Using your scraper, smoothe the words on the bottle firmly and then press with your finger.

Slowly peel the top paper off being careful not to pull the letters with the paper.  If a letter is sticking to the paper, push the paper back to the bottle and repress.  Remove paper.


~ Darlene

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  1. This is super cute!!!
    Shannon @ Sewing Barefoot

  2. I love this idea, so easy. You have gained a new follower! I am really into the easy projects.

    1. Thanks! You will love it here then!! I only do easy!! I am so impatient and want things done fast...but cute!!

      Thanks for following!!

      ~ Darlene
      Facebook = My Honey Bunch