Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Butcher Block and Mixer Graffix

House of Hepworth's Inspiration Block
My Block

As I sat down this evening and started writing the tutorial on how I made over my butcher block, I realized that my idea and inspiration came from Allison at House of the Hepworth's.  Instead of
repeating all of her step, that I followed exactly, I am just going to show you the results of my block.  I used a smaller size monogram on my block although I did also buy the "N" from Shelly at House of Smith's Designs.  I also noticed that Allison and I have the same granite counter photo skills are not nearly as fine tuned as hers, but you get the idea.  I am really happy with the results and thank Allison for her never-ending creative ideas!

The Mixer...ta-dah!!

My next project was to spice up my boring black mixer and I think I accomplished just that.  I can tell by the not-so-funny comments from my husband and son.  I think it looks fun, they think it looks funny.  What do they know?

While snooping around on House of Smith Designs blog I came across these decals for Kitchen Aid Mixers.  Shelly was so kind to help me with selecting the color and design.  When I received the
decals, they were so nicely wrapped in tissue and came with instructions on applying them on the mixer.

First, I laid the decals out flat and ran my credit card over the top to flatten them out.

After peeling the backing paper off - very c a r e f u l l y - I laid the decals on the mixer and used the credit card to press the vinyl to the mixer.

Peel the top paper away very slowly being careful not to pull the decal with the paper. 


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~ Darlene


  1. I love your knife block and the decal for the mixer! How cute!

  2. This turned out SO CUTE! I love the color you chose and now your mixer is SO HAPPY! :)