Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Jungle and Owl Themed Bedrooms

Before and After of Bella's Owl Room

  Before and After of Donny's Jungle Room

Last weekend we ( had the pleasure of doing room makeovers for Donny and Bella. 

Here is Donny's Story...

Donny was diagnosed in October, 2011 with Lymphoblastic Lymphoma. He was admitted to the
hospital and started on a grueling map plan of chemotherapy. He is still taking daily medications and chemo and lumbar spine punctures. His treatments will continue through until April 2014.​

We are scheduled to do Donny's room on December 8th. He has requested a jungle themed room with a loft bed. He also loves the Philadelphia Flyers. Down Goes Cancer will be sponsoring his room - both financially and with volunteers.

When my husband, Nick and my son, Chris and I arrived on Saturday morning we were greeted by Beth and Don, Donny's parents.  It was a pleasure chatting with them while waiting for the rest of the crew to arrive.

This makeover was sponsored by Down Goes Cancer which is an organization founded in memory of Joe Makovetz.  The volunteers from this organization were amazing.  Not only were they great workers, but they were so connected among themselves.  I couldn't believe how close they all were and the bond that Joe Mak and his buddies's not surprising that Down Goes Cancer was formed.  Funds raised are donated to research for Lung Cancer and also donated to families affected with this horrible cancer.

We cannot thank them enough for their precious time and monetary donation to make this makeover possible.

Donny's Jungle Room Makeover...

 Looking into the closet... Soon to be a "Secret" hideaway reading room
The floor and back wall were carpeted in the secret hideaway and a special reading room for Donny was created...

 Steve building the steps to the loft bed

Sandra painting baseboards

 Nick working on the loft bed

Jill creating the jungle lamp

Jill cut felt into leaf shapes and drew chalk lines on the leaves

The leaves were then glued to the burlap shade for a fantastic jungle lamp for Donny's bureau...Yeah Jill!!

The awesome jungle themed mural was created by Heather

A mighty friendly Lion...

Jungle themed window treatment made my me!

Tony made sure the loft bed was comfortable enough for Donny

Soon the animals arrived ...

Desk area under the bed with rope lighting

Donny is also a Flyers fan and a Briere Jersey was donated and framed in a case

Needless to say, Donny was thrilled and couldn't wait to start enjoying his new jungle!!!

While the jungle was emerging, the owls were a hootin' next door in Bella's room...


Tink Makovetz and Jill painting with smiles!! Tink "flew" around the room and did the edging while we followed with rollers.

Yes, that is Lori with a paint brush and a smile too!

Sarah and Mike putting up the lighting under Bella's loft bed

Frank painted all the trim!

Nick, the doer of all, just hung the window treatments

Jill and Rebecca admiring a job well done!

Here come the pillows!
Under the loft bed chillaxing area...

Bella's room is all finished!!

Bella and her cuz enjoying the loft! With those big smiles, I know Bella is loving her new space!!

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Designing 4 Hope is a non-profit organization that creates bedroom makeovers for critically ill children and their siblings.

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~ Darlene
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  1. Very gorgeous makeovers! I'm currently making my 10 1/2 months old room into a jungle/safari room. How did you make the window treatments?!


    1. Jessica, So sorry for the way too long delayed reply!! I used craft foam sheets and stapled them to a board. I used jute twine for the vines.