Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Hall Bathroom Update


The "before" bathroom was so hideous, I had to come up with something to make this outdated bathroom a bit easier on the eye.  Ultimately, I would love to remove the vanity (Corian counter
 extending over the toilet, how bad is that?!) and also the soffit with
the pendant lighting.  The soffit is just "decorative" and serves no function at all.  It could easily go and also, that ugly row of skinny cabinets {gag} below the wall to wall mirror....do you see how bad this really is?

I am in awe of  Kim at The Money-Pit because she is one awesome lady!  SHE does all the remodeling in her own homeCheck out her kitchen makeover which was similar to what my hubby, Nick, did in our house in the Kitchen Remodel post.  Kim is also in week 7 right now of redoing her Master Bath...I so look forward to her posts!

Ok, really, back to my redo... First we changed the lighting with some plain white globes.

And we removed the foil wall paper and painted the walls Benjamin Moore Dill Pickle which doesn't really show up the bright, limey green that it really is.

Next, I removed the 2 sliding doors and the track.  I added some baskets but didn't like the way you could see the plumbing in the large center section.

I made a black curtain and put it on a tension rod in front of the plumbing.  New soft, white bath towels are rolled in the baskets.  I had to tell the family it was ok to use them and they were not on display.  I was sort of glad that they even thought to ask. :)

The black and white damask shower curtain was purchased from Target.



I found these round frames and mirrors.  Pictures of the kids when they were little and in the bathtub are too cute.  I still cannot get that one frame to hang straight!  I have tried everything but it keeps on turning!  The picture is supposed to go vertical but I have it horizontal and it keeps on wobbling...I will win this one!

In the end, I am happy with the update and will continue to work on better accessories for the counters.  Still a work in progress.

I don't know where this picture originated from but I like what this person did with their dated bathroom and large wall mirror.  I would like to frame my mirror also, but I'm not sure that would work in my bathroom.  Oh, well...

~ Darlene

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