Monday, October 22, 2012

Pretty Fall Table Setting

 Simple, easy DIY instructions to make this pretty Fall table setting.


Cut fabric for the placemats 13" x 18".

 Pull threads on all 4 sides to fray the edges.  I frayed about 1/2" on each side.

 Zig Zag the edge of the fabric on all sides to stop additional fraying.

 Napkin Rings

 Using cardboard tubes that fabric comes on, cut rings 1 1/2".

Cut burlap in strips 1 1/2" wide x approximately 40" long.  Zig zag both edges of the strip to prevent the burlap from fraying while wrapping the ring. Hot glue the end to the inside of the ring.

Continue wrapping the burlap and hot glue the end to the inside of the ring.

 Wrap gross grain ribbon around the ring and secure with hot glue.


Cut napkin fabric 19" x 19".

Turn edges on all 4 sides and topstitch in matching thread.

 Finished Napkins

 Beautiful table setting for a fall table.

I also added some burlap acorns to the table setting that were inspired by Someday Crafts Blog.

~ Darlene

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  1. Hi Darlene, so glad you came by to visit. I love your ideas for the placemats and napkin rings, you are so creative.
    Hope you had a great Hallowee,