Saturday, September 29, 2012

Memo Board - Tutorial

Our most recent room makeover for Designing 4 Hope was in Springfield, Pa.  In Laura's room we had to make 2 large, narrow memo boards to cover up some openings to attic space.  They needed access to the attic so we decided to make the boards to hang in front of the openings. 

They sure add color to the room and a place for Laura to put pictures of her friends and family.

First, we cut 2 pieces of 1/2" plywood to 24" wide x 60" high.  We used batting for puffiness, which was rolled onto the board.  

Next, we placed the pink fabric on the batting and smoothed it nicely and stapled it to the back of the board.  We used 1/4" staples and an air stapler with a mini compressor.  Definitely a hand saver!

Care was given to each corner as the fabric was folded around and smoothed for a neat, clean look.

We used small strips of blue painters tape and measured 6" all the way around the boards.  1/2" purple satin ribbon was run from mark to mark and stapled to the back of the board.

This was done in each direction until it was full.

A staple was put in at each point where the ribbon crossed.  This was to give the board that puffy look and to hold where the buttons were to be glued on.

A variety of different sized white buttons were placed on the spots to get the placement we liked.  

All the buttons were then hot glued on to cover the staples and to finish the look.

This project was completed by our awesome volunteers from Vanguard.  They did so much for this makeover and we totally appreciate all their efforts!!

See how cute it looked in the little reading nook in Laura's room?  One is mounted on each side of the dormer to block the access to attic space...

~ Darlene


  1. Wow! This is such a cool project :)

  2. I am stopping by from Whimsy Wednesday...and I stumbled upon this AMAZNG post. I am pinning this immediately! This would be perfect for my daughter's room!
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