Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Cover Me

I was asked to make a Kindle cover by a friend, so I went to work...doing what I love to do....I don't like to use or read patterns,  I usually get an idea of how to make it and then wing it.

These instructions are only the steps that I use to make the covers.  They are not specific in dimensions or detailed in description.

First, I cut the front and back out of the main fabric about 3-4 inches bigger than the Kindle (or Nook, iPad or other device) and cut batting the same size.

I quilt the fabric without pinning or any markings by starting in one corner and sewing an X.

I then sew 4 more rows, 1 on each side of the X.

The last lines are created by sewing a big Diamond starting at the top center.

Sew 3 sides, leaving the top open and clip corners.

Turn the top to the size of the Finished Length and press fold. (When figuring your finished sizes, don't forget to take into account the thickness of the Kindle.)

Turn right side out and press.

Cut 2 rectangles for the lining that are 1" wider than the finished width and 2" longer than the finished length.  Sew 3 sides, leaving the top open, clip corners.

Turn the top to the size of the Finished Length and press fold.
Cut a piece of  3/4" - 1" wide Hook/Loop tape to a length about 2" shorter than the width.

Pin and sew one part to the top of the main cover about 1/2" down from the top.

Insert the lining inside the main cover and pin sides and front.

Make a flap 2" narrower than the width. Allow for seams.

Layer batting then front and back of flap (right sides together) and sew 3 sides leaving bottom edge open.

Clip corners. Turn, press and top stitch 3 sides.

Attach other piece of Hook/Loop tape to inside of flap.

Insert the lining into the outside.

Insert flap between lining and cover.

Pin securely and top stitch around the entire top edge, being careful to sew through both the lining and cover.

A wrist strap or pockets can also be added to customize.

Happy Sewing,
~ Darlene

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  1. I love the quilting, such a nice touch. I love the way you work, I'm exactly the same, don't use or read patterns haha :)