Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Motorcycle Mania...or Maniac??

June 2011 we were blessed with our first grandchild...We were so excited and totally in in love from day one!  We were really excited when we found out that it was going to be a boy...Now don't get me wrong, girls are wonderful too!  Our reasoning was that being the first grandchild, we knew we were going to want to buy everything we saw for the baby!  I think this is a typical feeling for a first time Mom Mom and Pop Pop -- so I our thought process was that anything and everything for a girls is too darn cute and we would be buying everything whenever we were at the store -- but not so with a boy!  The clothes aren't as cute and tempting to buy so we have found this has saved us tons of money!

Fast forward to Christmas and we now really want to buy or make something special for our little man...Well, Pop Pop, being the motorcycle enthusiast he is, decided to build him a Rocking that he did!

Many nights were spent in the garage cutting, sanding, planning, and constructing the cutest Rocking Motorcycle I have ever seen.  Too bad the pictures do not show the detail that went into the design and hand work to build this!

Hopefully, our little man will cherish this as he grows and enjoys rocking away on his own little road in his mind!!   We Love You Little Man!!!


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